This beutiful property consists of 2 lots totaling 10.2 acres.  It was designated a Texas Superfund Site in 1987.  The state continues to clean and monitor the property and will do so until it has been cleaned up.  You can read more about it's history here.

Can this lot be developed?

Not at this time.  The TCEQ has been working to clean and monitor this property for 30 years now.  They have no firm timeline as to when the property will be ready.  This is why the property is being offered at such a low price.  When this is re-zoned the price will raise accordingly.

Top 10 Questions about about buying a Superfund Site?

Can we examine the property?

Please contact us to schedule a visit.

What are the yearly property taxes?

Extremely low.  Less than $300 in 2014.  This makes holding on to the property easy.